Where it all began…

Guitar in hand, she began writing songs at the age of 13 and has found inspiration from such artists as Jamie Grace, Britt Nicole, Nichole Nordeman, Sarah Bareilles, and others.  She is the second of 5 children and has enjoyed the immense benefit of traveling to other countries, meeting people from various backgrounds and cultures, and gaining a less-than-traditional education.  Along with homeschooling, these adventures give her an understanding of the world around her that makes her an artist that can reach a wide range of audiences.

Where she is now…

At only 15 years old, Skylar Ray Rose launches her music career in perfectly endearing teen style with her debut, self-titled, full length album.  Keeping the most lovable parts of the teenage years at the forefront of her thoughtful lyrics, while avoiding over-saturated, adolescent narratives, Skylar reflects on her generation, her faith, her family, and some intensely personal stories in undeniably catchy melodies.

The album displays her compassionate heart for the orphan, as the 5th track unveils the true story of her brother and sister, adopted after Skylar’s persistent promptings.  In the last track on the album, Skylar joins a 24-piece string orchestra to take listeners on an emotional journey from isolated solitude to insightful presence.

Skylar first found a stage in musical theater at the tender age of 6, and began classical training in piano and voice.  She was continually awarded the lead roles in many productions throughout Southern California and garnered the attention of audiences everywhere.  She has been invited to perform at charity benefits, churches, and has worked professionally in theater, film, and television.  She also won the coveted “Best Actress in a Musical” award from the National Youth Theater Awards.  These various platforms have allowed her to develop as a story-teller and musician.  A refreshing departure from a typical teen, her infectious personality is mature but playful, sensitive and introspective, empathetic and humble.